Gaspari Nutrition 3rd Degree Burn 90C

Get Ready To Burn! Here�€™s a novel idea. How about a legal fat burner that actually burns fat! Well......get ready to burn! HOW IT WORKS: * 3º Burn™ actively stimulates the thyroid gland to restore and replenish maximum thyroid hormone output. Using the cutting edge ether delivery system, the patent pending 7-Keto DHEA THP ether/diether offers much greater oral bioavailability and half life (meaning much more is absorbed into the body and it stays in your system a lot longer) than anything even remotely similar. * 3º Burn™ increases endogenous thyroid hormone (internal fat burning hormones) levels by up to 30%! * The fat burning effects of this remarkable formula are dramatically enhanced by its proprietary blend of proven thermogenic, adrenergic, and appetite suppressive compounds, leaving you energized, feeling great, and burning fat all day. * Taken as directed, 3º Burn™ is guaranteed to significantly decrease body fat safely and effectively AND better than any other product on the supplement market. What else would you expect from Gaspari Nutrition. If it didn�€™t work, we simply wouldn�€™t do it. We invite you to try 3º Burn™, and start burning fat today! Gaspari Nutrition does not advocate the use of illegal anabolic steroids. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 3º Burn™ is a trademark of Gaspari Nutrition, Inc.

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Manufactured by Gaspari Nutrition

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