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USP Labs TT750 Capsules, 90 Count

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Manufacturer: USP Labs
World's best tribulus

With tribulosin

Feel the difference

Quite often tribulus terrestris is hit or miss. Due to the overwhelming feedback from our extract, we strongly believe this is due to protodioscin being the focus. While they spend time focusing on extracting protodioscin we've unlocked this gem, tribulosin. We've managed to uncover a special constituent of tribulus called tribulosin. Tribulosin is so rare it's only found in miniscule quantities in a few of the world's tribulus plants according to a study that measured this. Bulgarian tribulus which is considered by many as the gold standard of tribulus contains only 0.1 mg of tribulosin per gram of extract. Maybe that is why many don't feel the trib products they've tried. The study went on to show that a different tribulus extract contained over an 8,000% greater concentration of tribulosin. TT750 is the only supplement on the market we've ever seen to specifically include tribulosin.

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