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Rock Sauce Topical Pain Reliever for Athletes

Your Price: $19.99
Manufacturer: Rock Sauce
The only skin-prep and topical pain releiver designed to work with kinesiology tape

Analgesic lotion provides fast-acting relief

Works in conjunction with Rocktape to relieve pain and enhance sports performance

Why Rock Sauce?If you've used BioFreeze, Ben Gay, PowerFlex or China Gel you know how great these pain relievers can be. As good as they are, we felt they were missing something. So we challenged our scientists to create the ultimate pain reliever and skin cleaner - we wanted something new, something so powerful that you could feel it 30 feet away. We wanted Rock Sauce. To be clear, the Sauce isn't for everyone. It will make your eyes water and muscles sing. Did we mention it is powerful? How powerful? Try 20% Methyl Salicae, 10% Menthol and .05% Capsicum. You get the Cold with the Heat.

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