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Restor Slim Complete 5 in 1 60 Capsules

Your Price: $59.95
Manufacturer: RestorSLIM
60 Capsules

Serving Size: 1

60 Servings Per Container

Introducing restorSLIM Complete 5 in 1, a new Stuart Consumer Product Labs weight management formula with a 5 in 1 punch. It combines the natural power of 4 botanical substances and 1 naturally occurring amino acid giving you a highly effective supplement to add to your weight management program. This is the perfect fit of the best ingredients that can help catapult you along your path to a healthier, vital, leaner you.*restorSLIM Complete 5 in 1 incorporates a unique combination of highly effective compounds that can support:* Fat loss* Appetite Control* Boosting a Sluggish Metabolism* Blocking Carb to Fat Storage* Proudly made in the USA, restorSLIM Complete 5 in 1 is a stimulant-free weight loss product that's packed with some of the industry's most coveted and innovative weight management ingredients.restorSLIM Complete 5 in 1 works by uniting phytonutrients with an effective amino acid to assist in shedding pounds and maintaining energy. In fact, each of these 5 in 1 ingredients has been mentioned by a well known daytime television medical health expert.*White Kidney Bean Extract:Considered by a very prominent TV medical doctor as one of his favorite ''fat busters'' white kidney bean extract uses the seeds of the white kidney bean plant (Phaseolus vulgaris) to act as a starch neutralizer by blocking the alpha-amylase enzyme.* African Mango :This fiber rich fruit has been found to decrease the absorption and digestion of systemic sugars. By binding to intestinal bile acids it attempts to remove them from the gastrointestinal tract.*Raspberry Ketones:These are powerful aroma compounds that can regulate adiponectin (ah-dip-oh-neck-tin), a metabolism regulating protein that a popular daytime TV medical doctor describes, ''naturally tricks your body into acting like its thin''.*Glucomannan:Derived from the roots of the Asian konjac plant (known as the broom of the intestines), this water soluble polysaccharide has been associated with suppressing the appetite, constipa

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