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New Chapter Tranquilnite 30SG

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Supercritical New Chapter In Restful Sleep, New Chapter's Tranquilnite is a herbal lullaby. With Tranquilnite, the stresses tensions of your day will quickly melt into the comfort of deep and satisfying sleep. Your deepest periods of sleep will become longer and more replenishing, and your Tranquilnite will leave you rested and refreshed in the morning.

For optimal multi-vitamin and mineral support, we recommend New Chapter's Every Many & Every Woman Bio-Grown Food -Cultured Nutrients. For topical inflammation pain relief, we recommend Zyflamend Creme.

Valerian Recognized for at least two thousands years for its relaxing properties, valerian species are now officially acknowledged in numerous European and Asian pharmacopoeias for promoting a deep and restful sleep without side effects often associated with other preparations.* The mexicanus species is particularly rich in active compounds called valepotriates.

Hops For more than a thousand years hops has been used to soothe digestion and to fill pillows to promote deep sleep. Now with the support of numerous clinical trials, more than 70 official European preparations combine hops with other herbs to promote satisfying sleep.*

Lavender An herb that has been known for centuries as a response to occasional stress, lavender helps promote a calm an peaceful mind.*

Passion Flower Recommended in the earliest written records of the Aztecs to counter nervousness, passion flower is now recognized in the prestigious German Commission E as an important herb to help counter restlessness.*

Chamomile Historically revered for its soothing effects both externally and internally on virtually every major system, modern research shows chamomile can deliver a satisfying sleep even during periods of occasional stress.*

Peppermint Digestive stress is one of the key obstacles to rejuvenating sleep. Peppermint is virtually synonymous with digestive relief, and though this mechanism it helps to promote deep sleep.*

Ginger Ginger counters digestive stress and enhances the efficacy of the other herbal components.* It offers at least 17 calming compounds including on of nature's richest known sources of melatonin.

* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

Suggested Use: One softgel, one hour before bedtime, with an 8 oz glas of water.

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