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M.R.I. NO2 Black

Your Price: $76.70
Manufacturer: MRI
300 Caplets

Serving Size: 3 caplets

100 Servings Per Container

NO2 Black represents a quantum leap in nitric oxide science. First, NO2 Black sets the standard by giving you the purest Arginine-AKG (ArginPure) delivered with its clinically-tested extended-release delivery technology, pHylex9. Second, NO2 Black's revolutionary ''NOS-Enhancing'' peptide fraction up-regulates nitric oxide synthase (NOS) and increases your nitric oxide levels as much as 950% over baseline arginine derived nitric oxide (ADNO). Third, the NO2 Black formula includes alpha-lipoic acid, designed to boost your insulin sensitivity and nutrient uptake. Simply put, NO2 Black is the most potent nitric oxide generator ever coneived.

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