Alvita FeverFew 24 Tea Bags

Feverfew (Tanacetum Parthenium) is a valuable herb that possesses anti-inflammatory activities. Feverfew may be helpful for arthritis, menstrual pain, migraine headaches, fever reduction, asthma, relaxing the smooth muscles of the uterus, inhibits platelet aggregation and excessive blood clotting. Alvita Feverfew Leaf. Since 1922, Alvita has been making the finest herb teas money can buy. Pure, natural singles and blends that bring you unsurpassed enjoyment, healthful benefits and complete satisfaction. No less reassuring is our unwavering commitment to the environment. Today, no herb tea company goes as far to protect the Earth and its precious resources - this package and its contents being testimony. There is no plastic shrink wrap on the outside. The box is 100% recycled board that can by recycled again. The finish is water-based. And inside, a single, reusable wax bag, instead of a polybag, seals in freshness. Our tea bags are English Pillow Style, with no strings, tags or staples attached. Even the tea bag paper is recyclable. And all our bags are oxygen bleached, not chlorine bleached, to safeguard you and our ground water. Degradable. Recyclable. Reusable. The key component of each is the world "able". At Alvita, we wholeheartedly believe we are all able to play a key role in preserving the wondrous world we live in. For us, it starts with offering you the most environmentally safe and responsible herb teas possible. A member of the daisy family, Feverfew (chrysanthemum parthenium) is native to central and southern Europe. It is often confused with chamomile because of its similar looking flower and is sometimes referred to as wild chamomile. The ancient Greek physician Dioscorides valued Feverfew for its beneficial properties and it has been a favorite among Europeans for centuries. The whole plant is strongly aromatic, rather bitter, and does not attract bees. In fact, in days of old, branches of Feverfew were carried around to keep bees at a distance and protect from stings. Sometimes used to flavor wines and pastries, the leaves are served with fried eggs in Italy.

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