All Terrain Recovery muscle rub 3oz Jar

ALL TERRAIN Recovery Rub w/ Arnica & Kava Kava 3 OZ All Terrain Muscle and Joint Recovery Rub with Arnica and Kava Kava provides deep and cooling pain relief for sore muscles and joints, including arthritis. Cool Pain Relief Without the ''Burn'' Do you want pain relief without the ''burn'' of heating balms? Try Recovery Rub. It massages in easily, penetrating quickly, but it does not irritate or overheat the skin. The key to Recovery Rubs performance is the unique formulation, which uses a synergistic blend of herbs for deep, cool penetration. Recovery Rubs main ingredient is natural menthol crystals from peppermint oil. Menthol has been clinically shown to stimulate the skin and have deep penetrating ability to provide relief from arthritis, sore muscles and joints. Recovery Rub is cooled and made even more potent by the addition of arnica leaf extract, cinnamon oil, kava kava root extract and sweet clover leaf extract. Each of these ingredients complements the menthol. For instance, used externally, arnica leaf extract has been shown to be effective for bruises and sprains, reducing swelling, promoting rapid healing and in relief of pain and inflammation. In Recovery Rub, the Arnica leaf is used instead of the homeopathic preparation, because the homeopathic arnica is known to be ineffective when combined with menthol. Recovery Rub uses kava kava root extract with 30% kavalactones for its analgesic effect and mild, general anesthesia for local relief. Although originally developed for relief after competition, a workout or simply an active day, the research has indicated that Recovery Rub was also extremely effective: in loosening up muscles and joints when applied before activity; for everyday relief from the pain and discomfort of arthritis; and, in massages - relieving tension; relaxing the body; recovering a sense of well-being after a hard day. Use Recovery Rub next time to loosen up to get relief from soreness and pain or to massage the tension away. ALL TERRAIN Recovery Rub w/ Arnica & Kava Kava 3 OZ ( Body care )

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