Alacer Emergen-C Jr 4 Kids 36pak Straw

36 packs per box High in Potassium, Emer'gen-C provides a powerful antioxidant to the 70 trillion cells in the body along with a full compliment of B Vitamins and 32 mineral complexes that replenish valuable electrolytes. A composition of ascorbic acid with various mineral carbonates is furnished in a moisture-proof, airtight package. The contents are then placed in a container such as glass. Water is added, causing the ascorbic acid to react with the mineral carbonates, creating 1000mg of pH neutral mineral ascorbates. Thus, the production of mineral ascorbates as it occurs in most animals' bodies is simulated, and the powerful, effervescent, health product, Emer'gen-C that includes a host of other vitamins, is formed. Available size: 36 packs per box Alacer Corp Emer'gen C Junior Multi Vitamin For Kids Strawberry Powder

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