Action Labs Ginseng Power Max 4x 2oz

Ginseng is considered and adaptogen and general tonic that may be helpful for stress, fatigue, immune system strength, lowering cholesterol, depression, stamina, protect cells from radiation, CNS stimulant, regulates adrenal glands, nervous exhaustion, gastrointestinal motility and improve physical performance. Boost your energy to the Max...with Ginseng Power Max 4X, a unique combination of today's most popular ginsengs-Chinese, Korean, Siberian and American-synergistically blended for optimum performance. Each full dropper of 100% natural, standardized herbal extract blend is equivalent to 1000mg of pure herbal extract. Our advanced formulation actually boosts the power of each individual herb, so you get a more potent and effective nutritional supplement. Ginseng Power Max 4X is one of the highest concentrations of Ginseng Root Extract available today. For maximum results, there's only one choice...Ginseng Power Max 4X. This product contains premium ingredients, manufactured under the strictest quality standards in the industry. Packaging our products in glass bottles guarantees their freshness and potency. Directions: For maximum results, take fifteen-twenty (15-20) drops daily. Consult a physician before beginning any nutritional supplement program. Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of reach of children. Ingredients: Ginseng Power Max 4X 2 fl. oz.: Standardized Chinese Red Ginseng Root Extract, Korean White Ginseng Root Extract Siberian Ginseng Root Extract, American Ginseng Root Extract, Grain Alcohol. Does not contain Sugar, Starch, Salt, Yeast.

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