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BPI Sports Herbal Mineral Supplement, Creatine Alkaline, 120 Count

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Manufacturer: BPI Sports
Enhanced muscle

Enhanced size

Enhanced strength

Creatine alkaline is creatine monohydrate and creatine HCL. Creatine monohydrate is the most heavily researched and trusted form of creatine, backed by hundreds of studies. So how can you make something great even better? The minds behind bpi sports have tackled this sports nutrition dilemma head-on with the development of ph-sorb, a unique ph buffering technology. It's understood that once creatine monohydrate hits the stomach it can become unstable and can break down into creatinine, a potentially dangerous byproduct. It's believed that this unwanted breakdown is accelerated through lower ph levels. Ph-sorb is designed to work by helping balance ph levels at closer to neutral, which may in turn stop the unwanted conversion to creatinine, and enhance overall creatine absorption. The scientists at bpi didn't stop there, though. Creatine monohydrate may be king, but there's a new ''800-pound gorilla'' in the room and it's called creatine HCL. Many are saying that it's an unbelievable achievement of muscle-building architecture. The combination of these two muscle-building powerhouses may make for an unrivaled formula and unmatched results.

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