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Animal Naturals ShowStopper 1 lb

Your Price: $28.32
Manufacturer: Animal Naturals
Great for show dogs and special pets

All-in-one coat and body optimizer

Helps maintain a dazzling, flake-free coat, an awesome body, and sturdy joints

Nutritional Makeover for Your DogValuable show dog or cherished pet, this powerhouse meal booster will improve coat, physique and mental function to levels formerly reserved for a gifted few!Outside Appearance Reflects Inside HealthStunning coat, solid physique, rock solid joints and boundless energy that's so striking it literally stops the show! These coat and body benefits result from the optimal inner health. These striking show dog improvements benefit pets, too. Ultra Digestible Ingredients - Makes Traveling EasierThe highest quality human grade supplements are selected for ease of digestion and absorption. We even use ''friendly'' energy nutrients partially predigested for rapid, easy uptake. Pre/probiotics and enzymes further aid digestion.Stronger Muscles, Stronger Hips - Less CHD RiskStudies reveal hip health directly relates to pelvic muscle mass development. The greater pelvic muscle mass and strength supporting hip joints, the lower the chance of CHD. ShowStopper helps improve lumbar muscle development, increasing odds of lifelong hip health.Fast, Pre-Measured, Great Taste - It's Engineered to be EasyEliminates expensive guesswork and trial-and-error supplementing. Foolproof, automatically perfect ratios every time. Quick, clean convenient , saves money. And no more playing ''hide the supplement'' because your dog will love it!

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